FM commends UN Secretary-General’s efforts to implement Stockholm Agreement

Foreign Minister Khaled Al yemany commended the efforts of the UN Secretary-General António Guterresthrough his Special Envoy to Yemen to implement the peaceagreement agreed between the government and Houthis in Sweden on December 13.

In a meeting with Guterres here today, Al yemany affirmed the Yemeni government’s commitment to peace in accordance with the agreed upon terms of reference.

Al yemany affirmed that the implementation of the agreement’s termsregarding the city and ports of Hodeidah failed due to the Houthi stubbornness and continued breaches of the agreement.

He stressed the importance of implementing the terms of the agreement with regard to the cease-fire, stopping the militia’s violations, the withdrawal of the militia’s fighters, the prisoner exchange and lifting the militia’s siege on Taiz city.

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