PM: Realizing peace will end humanitarian suffering in Yemen

Realizing peace will end humanitarian suffering in Yemen and open reconstruction, Prime Minister Ahmad Ubaid bin Daghr has said.

“Acknowledging of the three references; the GCC Initiative, the National Dialogue Conference’s outcomes and UN resolutions, led by Resolution 2216 is the shortest and fastest way for peace in Yemen, and ignoring these references or playing with them will prolong the war and increase its victims,” said bin Daghr in a speech he delivered in Humanitarian Response Meeting is being held here.

He confirmed that UN efforts have contributed in alleviating suffering and pains of the majority of Yemeni people, thanking the governments of Switzerland and Sewed for sponsoring this meeting of humanitarian aims.

” I agree with the report and humanitarian response plan situation in Houthi-Saleh militias-held areas is catastrophic despite they collected resources amounted to YR 581 billion last year ( and deposed them) at Sana’a Central Bank of Yemen to use these funds for financing their war,” said Prime Minister bin Daghr.

He reviewed, in his long speech, Houthi-Saleh’s coup on legal authority and their war they have been waging on cities starting with Sana’a to Aden and then Taiz, which is still witnessing a siege and bombing with different weapons and Iranian- made ballistic missiles.

“We, in the government, have provided suitable environments and factions for passing the humanitarian aid from Aden, Hadhramout, and Mahra, in addition to outlets with Saudi Arabia,” he said.

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