Functions and competences of the Ministry

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the main organ of the State responsible for establishing, developing and strengthening the relationship of the Republic of Yemen with brotherly and friendly countries and regional and international organizations and bodies. It has the right to propose and implement the state policy on the Arab and international relations and international and regional bodies and organizations and contribute to maintaining the security and safety of the country. Constitution, Law and Public Policy of the State. In particular, it shall exercise the following functions:

Proposal and implementation of foreign policy.
Supervision of foreign relations (political, legal, economic, cultural, media, technical, commercial, military and social) with Arab, Islamic and foreign countries and international and regional organizations in coordination and partnership with ministries and other relevant bodies including the following issues:
Political affairs in all its aspects.
Economic affairs, cash, foreign trade agreements, foreign investments inside and other joint ventures.
Aid, grants, grants, foreign aid and loans.
Cultural and artistic cooperation with States and regional and international bodies and organizations.
Media and publicity affairs of the Republic of Yemen abroad.
The League of Arab States, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Non-Aligned Movement, its agencies and bodies, and all regional and international organizations, with a view to determining the position of the Republic of Yemen and the issues before it.
To study and analyze the political situation related to the policy of other countries and the extent of their immediate and future impact on the state policy and follow up their development and evaluation in the light of the foreign policy of the state.
Participate and coordinate with the relevant official bodies in setting up arrangements related to the security and safety of the Republic.
Coordination and participation with relevant authorities in the questions related to border issues.
And collect data and information related to the foreign policy of the ministries, departments and relevant parties and provide them with data, information, research or reports, and other related to the relationship of the Republic of Foreign Affairs.
Organizing the exchange of diplomatic and consular representation with the Arab, Islamic and foreign countries and supervising the work of the representative missions of the Republic to the countries accredited to it and to the regional and international bodies and organizations.
The Republic is represented at regional and international conferences, meetings and symposia and participation in delegations related to bilateral, regional and international relations.
To take care of the Yemeni interests and issues of the Yemeni expatriates in accordance with the conventions, treaties and international conventions in accordance with the national legislations of the countries and the legislation in force in the Republic in coordination with the concerned authorities.
To participate with the competent official bodies in the discussions and negotiations related to the contract, conclusion, interpretation or lack of bilateral, multilateral, regional and state treaties and agreements and follow up all constitutional procedures for ratification and follow-up of their application in partnership with the relevant authorities.
To make official contacts with the Arab, Islamic and foreign governments through their representative missions accredited in the Republic or by the Yemeni representative missions, as well as to regulate contacts between the official bodies of the Republic and foreign bodies at home and abroad in all matters related to the relations of the Republic in accordance with paragraph (b) of this Article.
He assumed the duties of the Protocol in accordance with the terms of reference and the rules issued therefor.
Issuing, renewing and canceling diplomatic, special and important passports in accordance with the law governing this.
To keep copies of all agreements, treaties, protocols and official documents concluded between the Republic and all States, regional and international organizations and bodies.
Mediation in judicial matters in international relations such as extradition and other issues related to foreign relations.
Proposing the awarding of medals to foreigners and Yemenis and starting the opinion on allowing Yemenis to carry Arab, Islamic and foreign decorations in accordance with the law governing this.
Preparing and developing the diplomatic and consular staff and raising the level of scientific and technical.
Organizing the travel of Yemeni official delegations abroad in accordance with the rules approved by the Council of Ministers.
Collecting, documenting and exchanging information and data related to the functions and competences of the Ministry.
Any other functions and competences provided for by applicable legislation.