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Under-Secretary for Political Affairs



Name: Mansour Ali Saeed Bajash

Date of Birth: Republic of Yemen – Marib

Marital status: Married and father of six children

Current official functions:

– Director of the Office of Ambassador Permanent Representative of the Arab League.

– Responsible for the file of the Arab summits in the Permanent Commission.

– Officer of the Arab Academy in the Permanent Delegation.

– Official file organizations and unions in the Commission.

Previous tasks:

– Member of the Permanent Delegation of our country to the League of Arab States 2004-2008.

– First Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Academic Degrees:

– PhD degree from the Institute of Arab Research and Studies in Cairo, specializing in political and economic sciences in 2010 with the first honor.

– Master degree from the Institute of Arab Research and Studies in Cairo, specializing in political sciences in 2006.

– Diploma degree in Political Science and Legal Institute of Arab Research and Studies.

– Bachelor degree from Yarmouk University in Jordan, specializing in economics and political sciences 1998.

Research and Letters:

1) PhD thesis entitled Yemen’s foreign policy towards the Horn of Africa.

2) Master thesis entitled “The possibility of Yemen joining the GCC countries a future vision.

3) Research Diploma on the political role of tribalism in Yemen.

In addition to some other research:

– Search for the Iranian role in the Arab region.

– Urging the water problem in the Middle East and its impact on Arab national security.

Courses and scientific expertise:

– Windows session in the computer.

– A training course in the preparation of leaders and trainers.

– A course in international disputes and diplomatic relations from the African American Institute.

– A course in the preparation of Arab and international qualified consultants – Cairo University.

– Training course for the comprehensive qualification program to join the League of Arab States – Ain Shams University.

– Training course entitled Negotiation Skills from the Arab League.

– Training course of the British Center in Cairo on the principles of diplomatic relations.