The organizational structure of the ministry

The general structure of the Ministry consists of its General Office and its representative missions, offices and departments in the Secretariat of the capital and the governorates of the Republic.

* The Minister shall directly follow the following:

Minister’s Office .
Council of the Ministry.
Department of Legal Affairs and Treaties.
Border Service.
Department of Decrees.
Department of Documentation and Information.
General Directorate of Planning and Research.
* The organizational structure of the Ministry consists of:

First: The political affairs sector consists of the following geographical and specialized units:

Geographical Circuits:

Department of the Arab World.
Department of Asia and Australia.
Chambers of Africa (including countries of the Arab Horn of Africa).
Circles of Europe.
Circles of the Americas.
B- The following specialized departments:

Department of International Organizations and Conferences.
Information Service.
Cultural Department.
Second: Financial and Administrative Affairs Sector:

General Administration of Financial and Administrative Affairs.
Department of Consular Affairs and Expatriates.
* Each sector is headed by an undersecretary with the rank of ambassador to be tested by the diplomatic staff and appointed by a presidential decree on the nomination of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the approval of the Council of Ministers.

* The Department and the General Administrations shall be headed by a member of the diplomatic corps with the rank of Ambassador or Minister Plenipotentiary and shall be appointed by a decision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

* The organizational subdivisions of departments and public administrations shall be issued by a decision of the Minister.

* The organizational level of the minister’s office shall be determined by a department, and a decision of the Minister shall be issued by specifying its terms of reference.