The President

Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi, born on 1st of September,1945 in Dukeyn, is Yemeni politician and military man, Vice President of Yemen since 3 October 1994 to 25 February 2012. Since 4 June till 23 September 2011 and again from 23November he has been the acting President of Yemen. On 25.02 2012 he was swore in President of the Republic of Yemen.

Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi was born on 1 September 1945 in Dukeyn village, Al Wade’a Directorate in the Southern province of Abyan.

After graduating from the Army School of Aden Protectorate in 1964, he was sent to Great Britain (1964) and attended there two military courses one was for military terms andthe second wasa professional military course for 1,5 year, he graduated in 1966.

After coming back to Aden he started as the leader of a tank platoon until independence in 1967. Afterwards he was sent to Cairo and he studied there at specialized military tank corps until 1970.

Six years later, he joined specialized study in leadership and staff in Russia.

In 1972,he was appointed deputy and then leader of axis (Karish) and also a member of the Ceasefire Commission as well. He took part in bilateral talks following the war with the North in the position of chairman of the Military Committee.

When he settled in Aden, he became director of training management in army with assistance to the Chief of General Staff administratively. After the fall of the military rule of President Ali Salem Spring and assuming the presidency by Abdul Fattah Ismail, he held an office of the head of the Department of logistics. He remained at work even in the face of bloody events in Southern and Northern Yemen.

After taking part in arms deals with Soviet side he became DeputyChief of Staff forLogisticsAffairsand Administration in 1983 responsibleabout formatting modern military brigades, he fled with them to the North, arranged their position financially and administratively. He named the brigades the Yemeni Unity Brigades. He stayed in North until the unity of Yemen in 1990.

When Hadi was designated a commander of the White Axis, in 1994 he participated the war and issued a presidential decree appointing him the Minister of Defense and afterwards Vice President of the Republic.

During presidential election in Yemen on February 21st, 2012 he received support of all Yemeni political parties, the tribesmen, clerics and young people of the peaceful revolution of Yemenandhe became the President of the Republic of Yemen.