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Minister of Foreign Affairs

Curriculum Vitae

Name : His Excellency ,Mr Abdulmalik Abduljlil Ali Al-Mikhlafi

Position : Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Yemen.

Personal Information:

– Born in Al Hossain village – Mikhlaf District – Governorate of Taiz – 1959.

– Married and has 3 sons and 2 daughters.

Education :

-Went to primary school and high school in City of Taiz.

(1984)- Received a Bachelor Degree of Laws from Sana’a University.

Political Affiliation and Activism:

(1974) – Joined the Nasserist Party as a preparatory school student.

(1979) – Member of Nasserist Party leadership in Governorate of Taiz.

(1980) – Secretary General of Taiz Branch , the Nasserist Party.

(1981) – Member of the Central Committee and Executive Committee of the Nasserist Party .

(1981) – Assigned as Supervisor for Al-Wahdawi newspaper, the mouthpiece of the Nasserist Party.

– Was imprisoned several times by former regime in (1978,1984,1985) due to his political views and activism.

Early Political & Journalism career :

(1978) – Student Contributor in the Students Corner, Algomhoriah newspaper.

(1978) – Presenter in the student’s Program in Taiz Radio.

(1979-1978) – Journalist in Algomhoriah newspaper.

(1982-1984) – Elected Secretary General of the Nasserist Unionist People’s Organization.

(1985) – Acting chairman of the External and Political Affairs committee for the Nasserist Party.

(1985) – Editor in chief of Al-Wahdawi newspaper issued Abroad.

(1990-1993) – Editor in chief of Al-Wahdawi newspaper issued in the Capital Sanaa.

(1993) – Secretary General of the Nasserist Organization after the adoption of the Multi Party system in the Republic of Yemen.

Membership in Civil Society Organizations :

– Founding member in the “Unifying Conference’’ of the Yemeni Journalists syndicate.

– Member of the Lawyers syndicate.

– Chairman, The Executive Bureau – Arab Democratic Forum.

Membership In Political Organizations:

– (1992-1994) National Alliance of the opposition .

– (1994-2000) The supreme council of the opposition parties.

– (2000-2015) The Joint Meeting Parties (JMP).

Official Public Career :

(1992) – Member of the Supreme Elections Committee.

(1993) – was granted Minister Rank.

(1997) – Member of Consultative Council.

(1997-Meantime) – Member of Shoura Council.

(2013) – Member of the National dialogue Conference.

(2015-Meantime) – Deputy Prime Minister , Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Mediation Missions and Political Dialogues:

– The National Consultative Conference.

– The prep committee for the National Dialogue.

– Member of the National Dialogue Conference (State Building Team).

– Chair of the Guarantees committee for the Implementation of the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference.

– Member of the National Committee for the Implementation of the outcomes of the national Dialogue Conference.

– Member of the Mediation Committee in Saada first war.

– Member and Rapporteur, The National Committee for the observation of cease fire and implementation of agreement of Saada sixth war.