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Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the escalation of the military offensive by the Houthis militia in Hodeidah

Among its ongoing violations of the ceasefire in Hodeida and in its pursuit of escalation in various confrontation zones and impeding international efforts to cease fire and bring peace to Yemen,
the Houthi militia fired today, Saturday at 09:35 am, Katyusha rockets at Al-Manzhar district, in the government-controled area in Hodeida targeting residential neighborhoods، in which Al qasim Mosque has been completely destroyed.
This coincidence between the Houthi attempts to attack the city of Marib, which provides shelter to millions of displaced people who have fled its oppression, and its continued targeting of the territories of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the continuation of its violations in Hodeida confirms that these militias do not care about agreements and do not believe in peace.
While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterates its call for the United Nations to reconsider the status of its mission in Hodeida, which has become a hostage to the Houthi militias that obstructed the implementation of UNSC Resolution 2452, it calls on the international community and the Security Council to shoulder their responsibilities by implementing the UNSC resolutions and take actions against the militias whose daily perpetrations portend an overall escalation and undermine peace efforts that serves Iran’s destructive agenda in the region.