VP meets with the UN Secretary General’s Envoy to Yemen

Vice President of the Republic (Lt Gen) Ali Mohsen Saleh along with Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik met today with the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General to Yemen Martin Griffiths.

The session intended to discuss the latest developments relating to the ongoing efforts to establish peace.

The Vice President recalled the previous peace talks and proposals since Mr. Griffiths assumed his mission as the UN Secretary General’s special envoy to Yemen.

He stated that the legitimate government has dealt constructively with the proposals and efforts made by Mr. Griffiths and his predecessors, but Houthi militia has rejected all initiatives aimed to end the war and make peace because the militia doesn’t have its own decision, they are acting as Iranian agents, do not care about the Yemeni peoples’ suffering.

Mohsen stated that Houthi militia has taken the advantages of Stockholm Agreement to prepare and launch its aggressive aggression on Marib.

The Vice President reiterated the government’s support for the proposal suggested by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UN-led efforts to reach political and peaceful settlement.

He stated that while international community’s calls for cease-fire have increased, the terrorist Houthi-Iranian militia has launched its aggressive attacks on Marib governorate, where more than three million IDPs are living. ” the government’s troops only carry out self-defense operations”, said Mohsen.

The Prime Minister talked about the situations in the government-held regions, citing the efforts have been made to get Riyadh Agreement implemented in full, economic and financial challenges facing the government.

Mr. Griffiths affirmed that he will keep on working to get rid of the obstacles which block the peace process. He stated that there is no other choice but peace to put an end of the Yemenis’ suffering.