Saudi Arabia, Egypt confirm support to efforts of political solution in Yemen

Saudi Arabia and Egypt have reaffirmed full support to UN and regional efforts for reaching a political solution in Yemen on the bases of Gulf Initiative and Its Executive Mechanism, outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and UN Resolution 2216.

In the final communique of the visit of Saudi Crown Prince Emir Mohammad bin Salman to Egypt, the two parties confirmed their support to the Presidential Leadership Council and entities in assist to it to enable it implement its tasks to realize security and stability in Yemen.

The two parties also confirmed their support to the UN Truce in Yemen and welcomed extending it and the Saudi party welcomed Egyptian response to Yemen and UN’s demand for allowing directs flights between Sana’a and Cairo.

The two parties stressed denunciation to Houthi militia’s terrorist attacks on civil establishments and vital facilities in Saudi Arabia and to the militia’s threat to international waterways.