Parliament Speaker receives UN envoy for Yemen

Parliament Speaker Sheikh Sultan al-Barakani received Tuesday UN Envoy for Yemen Hans Grundberg discussing with him unseriousness of UN consecutive truces.

He confirmed that Houthi militia is not serious in dealing with peace process given that they committed hundreds of violations to the UN Truce, pointing out to the military attack on Taiz during the past two days for closing the sole road of the city to Aden.

” Houthi is still thinking criminally and instead of opening Taiz roads and outlets during the first truce, now he wants to close the rest of roads,” said al-Barakani.

He added that Houthi militia is not partner in making peace and peace is not of its options, so we call the UN envoy and the international community to shoulder their responsibility to deter Houthi militia and Iran behind it as Yemeni people has paid heavy price for the militia’s aggressions as other Arab countries do with Iran.

For his part, the UN envoy informed Parliament Speaker on results of the meetings, which have been done during the past period regarding the truce and opening Taiz outlets, as well as military domain and what he wants to do in the future.

He confirmed that peace is the best choice, calling all parties to make it a mean to reach inclusive peace, which it is time to enter in.

He also showed regret to what is happening in Taiz, confirming that he exerts huge efforts to stop bloodshed, pointing out that the priority to him is stopping fighting in Taiz, abiding by the truce and opening roads to its people.