Defense minister discusses with US ambassador military cooperation

Minister of Defense General Lieutenant Mohsen al-Dairi discussed Wednesday with US Ambassador to Yemen Stephen Fagen and the Military Attache Mark Whiteman latest developments in Yemen, including acts of terrorist elements of al-Qaeda Network in provinces of Abyan and Shabwah.

Defense minister expressed pleasure for the positive and vital role of the United States in Yemen, especially supporting efforts of combating terrorist elements.

He pointed out to crimes committed by terrorist groups, including Houthi militia’s crime of targeting a military commander in Yafe’a, Lahj during the UN Truce, a crime coincided with terrorist operations by al-Qaeda in Abyan, Shabwa and Aden, which indicate coordination and cooperation between Houthis and al-Qaeda in fighting the armed forces to destabilize the country.

He confirmed that the armored forces will strongly face all forms of terrorism, pointing out that all forces under the command of the Presidential Leadership Council are going in this direction of fighting terrorism and getting rid of it.

He called for providing support to Yemen and its government in field of training and qualification.

For his part, the US diplomat uttered readiness of more cooperation with Yemeni armed forces in field of training and qualification and in field of combating Houthi militia’s drones.