Houthi militias blamed for 20 thousand violations against children-Report

Iran-allied Houthi militias are reported to have committed 20977 incidents of violations against children during the period from 1 June 2018 through 1 June 2022 in different Yemeni governorates.

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms (YNRF) reported that Houthi militiamen are responsible for 20977 violations of killings, injuries, kidnaping, displacing, recruiting and preventing from education.

According to the YNRF’s report which presented at seminar held on the sidelines of the 51st Session of the Human Rights Council the militiamen recruited 12341 children roughly aged 14, displacing 43608.

There are more than two million Yemeni children are reported to be dropped out of education according to the UNICEF.