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Government expresses regret over failing efforts of extending truce

The Government of Yemen regrets for failure of the UN Envoy for Yemen’s efforts in convincing Houthi militia to resort to peace instead of war and its rejection of extending and elaborating the truce on October, 2, 2022.

” Despite Houthi militia’s stubbornness, the truce, which lasted from April,2,2022 brought many benefits to wide sector of our Yemeni people as a result of the concessions made by the government of Yemen and the Arab Coalition to reduce severity of the humanitarian suffering,” said the government in a release on Monday.

The government confirmed that it dealt positively with the recent suggestion of the UN envoy and sought through expanding the truce on elaborating benefits to all Yemeni people, embarking on its keenness and exerting all efforts aiming at alleviating humanitarian suffering of all Yemeni people across all provinces without any discrimination.

But the militia rejected to abide by the truce by creating consecutive complications to fail it reflecting its approach, which has been witnessed by all Yemeni people and observed by the international community closely, said the release.

The government also made it clear that despite Houthi militia’s negligence of its pledges included in the truce’s agreement and its ununderstood rejection of opening main roads of Taiz and other provinces, it preserved continuity of the truce through allowing to fuel ships to arrive to Hodeida Port through avoiding measures of investigating process of money laundering and financing terrorism.

It made it clear that it facilitated international flights through Sana’a Airport to travelers without formal documents but the international community has not responded to the government’s appeals to stop Houthi militia’s playing with revenues of Hodeida Port and paying salaries of the government employees since signing Stockholm Agreement in 2018.

And these demands have been renewed in the UN Envoy’s suggestion and in talks of renewing and expanding the truce but Houthi militia insisted on making its leaders’ interests and interests of their Iranian supporters above interests of Yemeni people and alleviating their suffering.

The government of Yemen called upon the Security Council and International Community to deal seriously and responsibly with these terrorist militias, which recently threatened of targeting international maritime and shelling ships and oil establishments.

It confirmed appreciation to efforts of the UN envoy to renew the truce and its continuous support to him to lead UN mediation to realize inclusive, just and permanent peace in Yemen on the bases of the agreed upon references; the GCC Initiative, Outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and Security Council Resolution 2216.