Hadramout security services seize UAVs equipment heading for the terrorist Houthi militia

Aden – Saba
Minister of Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haidan, praised the vigilance and patriotic spirit of the security men in the valley and desert of Hadramout, who were able to seize two locomotives carrying UAVs equipment en route to the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia.

The Minister of Interior also praised, during a phone call today, the Director of Security of the Hadramout Valley and Desert, Brigadier General Abdullah bin Hobeish, for the continuous coordination between the main command and control center of the Ministry of Defense and the General Administration of Command and Control of the Ministry of Interior, which monitored the movement of the two locomotives that tried to camouflage the materials with cardboard covers, but tipoff about them were circulated at security checkpoints, and the two locomotives and their driver were seized.

For his part, the Director of the Security of Wadi and Desert of Hadramout said that the two locomotives were taken to the Criminal Investigation Department to complete the legal procedures and uncover the gang’s that practice smuggling weapons for Houthi terrorists, and bring them to justice.