Yemen condemns burning Koran in Sweden


The Republic of Yemen has condemned burning a copy of Koran by an extremist in the Swedish capital of Stockholm in intentionally insult to feelings of Muslims.

In a release to the Ministry of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs on Sunday, the ministry expressed its strongest rejection of insulting religious foundations of all and discarding any form of hatred and extremism.

The ministry warned of repercussions of this incident, which provokes aggression, creates splits in societies and harms principles of freedom and its humanitarian teachings and freedom of belief as a basic human right.

The ministry confirmed the firm position of the Republic of Yemen of calling for spreading values of dialogue, tolerance and co-existence, as well as enhancing peace culture and accepting others.

It stressed significance of integrating all international efforts in shouldering the collective responsibility of promoting awareness of joint values, banning harm to religions and divines and exerting more efforts to stop inciting acts, which harm the stability, security and safety of societies.

The ministry renewed its call for rejecting extremism and spread values of human brotherhood, enhancing peace values across the world and respecting human rights.