Council of Ministers reviews its actions in the previous couple of years

The Council of Ministers devoted its session today, Tuesday, held via video conference presided over by Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik to make assessment of its actions over the recent two years.

The political, economic, military, security, services and humanitarian situations were also elaborately discussed.

The Cabinet’s decisions and economic, financial and monetary measures it has taken recently at the directions of the Presidential Leadership Council to maintain the economic stability were key of focus of the deliberations.

The Council of Ministers stressed keenness to apply all forms of control over the measures taken and to ensure that the daily lives of citizens are not affected, and to ensure that these measures are accompanied by steps aiming to maintain the economic stability and preventing the collapse of the national currency, reduce the catastrophic effects of the Houthi terrorist attacks on oil facilities and mitigate their repercussions on the humanitarian and economic situations.

The Cabinet reviewed the required policies to strengthen the national economy, build revenues, diversify them, expand their vessels and ensure depositing them in the government’s account, strictly controlling and rationalizing expenditures to be limited to necessary spending in a manner that can help achieving financial and monetary stability.

The Council stressed the importance of accelerating the efforts to complete the necessary procedures for disbursing the deferred annual bonuses for state employees to all public service units at the central and local levels for the years 2014-2020, in accordance with the Council of Ministers’ decision.

The Cabinet directed the Ministries in charge to coordinate with the Central Bank of Yemen to complete the procedures as soon as possible.