Human Rights Ministry condemns Houthi landmine planting as civilians get killed and injured in Ibb

Aden – Saba
The Ministry of Human Rights condemned the continuation of the terrorist Houthi militia, to commit its crimes against civilians in Ibb governorate through the mines it planted in the geography of that governorate, the latest of which was the killing of two children and the serious injury of three women who are still in a hospital in the governorate.

The ministry stated, in a statement that it receives, day after day, reports of new painful incidents in which children, women and citizens of all ages get killed as a result of mines planted by the terrorist Houthi militia in every place it reached, in a deliberate criminal act to cause the greatest number of civilian casualties.

It said, “Although half a million mines have been extracted during the past years through the efforts of the Yemeni government and the Masam project of the King Salman Relief Center, it is expected that there are still nearly two million mines.

The painful latest incident took place in the village of Al-Humaira, the area of Al-Razai, Al-Adain district, Ibb governorate, and resulted in the killing of the two children, Khaled Muhammad Al-Shahri and Revan Ahmed Al-Jabri, and the serious injury of three women.

The ministry held the Houthi terrorist militia fully responsible for these crimes, calling on the international community, the United Nations and the UN Security Council to take responsibility for protecting civilians, taking deterrent punitive measures against the criminal Houthi militia, and pressuring it to hand over mine maps.