FM participates in dialogue session on Yemen in EU

Minister of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs Ahmad Awadh BinMubarak participated Wednesday in a dialogue session on Yemen held by the Political and Security Committee in the European Union in the framework of President al-Alimi visit to Belgium.

In his speech, Minister of Foreign Affairs pointed out that realizing peace in Yemen mut focus on solving main causes of the conflict in Yemen led by ending Houthi terrorist militia’s coup against the state and solving its disastrous economic, political, social and humanitarian impacts.

Any solution to the crisis must be based on the three agreed upon references; the GCC Initiative and its executive mechanism, outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and the Security Council’s resolution 2216.

He touched upon exerted efforts to push peace process forward, confirming that the government party interacts positively with those efforts embarking from keenness on brining Yemen out from the tragic situation imposed by Houthi militia on the Yemeni people.

He pointed out to joint Yemeni-European interests in the Red Sea and Houthi terrorist militia’s threat on the international maritime navigation and international energy-supply lines.

He talked about Iranian destructive role in Yemen and continuation of influx of Iranian weapons to Houthi militia and fuel of rockets and drones the militia uses in attacking Yemen’s oil establishments.

The EU Political and Security Committee is composed of ambassadors of the 27th Member Countries. The committee is responsible on joint foreign and security policy and is entrusted with following up the international situation and strategic plans of crises management.