Yemen calls on int’l organizations to take firmer stance towards Houthi abuse of journalists

Paris – Saba
Minister of Information Muammar Al-Eryani, called on international organizations to take a firmer stance towards the violations committed by the Houthi coup militia against journalists and media outlets in their areas of control.

This came during his meeting, today, with the Assistant Director-General of the Information and Communication Sector of the UNESCO Assistant Director-General Tawfiq Jelassi.

Eryani talked about the violations and crimes that freedom of opinion and expression has been subjected to in areas controlled by the Houthi militia since the coup and until today, which has reached the point of issuing death sentences for journalists.

Al-Eryani reviewed a number of crimes, including the kidnapping of 160 journalists (most of whom were subjected to enforced disappearance and torture), about 40 deaths and thousands of displaced journalists, in addition to the occupation of media institutions (channels – newspapers – websites – radios) and the looting of their property, and the blocking of most news websites and news services via phones.