Al-Eradah calls on International Community to have firm stances toward the Terrorist Houthi militias

Member of the Presidential Leadership Council Sultan al-Eradah has called on the International Community (IC) to mount pressures upon the Terrorist Houthi militias to stop its escalation, threats to international trade movement and international water passages.

As he met today, Sunday, with the British Ambassador to the Republic of Yemen Richard Oppenheim he stated that more decisive reactions to the militias’ intransigence are needed to push peace in Yemen.

Al-Eradah and Oppenheim conferred over the latest political, economic, military and humanitarian developments amid the Terrorist Houthi militias’ continuous military escalation in different flashpoints, launching recurrent attacks on the economic facilities that have disastrous consequences upon the national economy and humanitarian situation.

Al-Eradah renewed commitment of the legitimate political leadership to the peace option despite that the terrorist Houthi militias have continued to reject peace.

He highlighted the need for a more stern position by the IC toward the terrorist militias’ repeated attacks on the economic facilities, calling for pressuring the Iranian regime to stop is blatant interferences in the Yemeni issue, stop sponsoring Houthi militias, financing their terrorist activities to destabilize Yemen and the region.

The Member of the Presidential Leadership Council praised the British government’s support for the Presidential Council in the political, economic and developmental fields, deeply appreciating British contribution to humanitarian actions in Yemen.

The British Ambassador confirmed his country’s continuing support for the Yemeni government, Yemen’s security and stability, condemnation of the terrorist actions.