FM holds talks with Sudanese counterpart

Minister of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs Ahmad Awadh BinMubarak held Wednesday here talk session with his Sudanese Counterpart Ali al-Ssadek Ali on mutual relations between the two countries in different domains.

The talks dealt with activating the Yemeni-Sudanese Supreme Joint Committee, cancelling fees to holders of diplomatic passports, providing more facilitations to communities in the two countries and improving cooperation and coordination regarding security of the Red Sea.

The talks touched upon latest political developments in the region, especially in Sudan and Yemen.

Foreign Minister praised facilitations provided by Sudanese Government to Yemeni students and community, confirming deep-rooted brotherly and historical relations between the two countries.

He also praised positions of the government of Sudan for supporting the government of Yemen, confirming that the Yemeni people will not forget these brotherly positions which have been stamped by pure blood.

BinMubarak renewed the position of the Republic of Yemen in supporting the political process and support to Sudanese efforts to realize development, security and stability to Sudani people.

For his part, the Sudanese Foreign Minister reviewed latest developments in Sudan and steps taken for normalizing conditions and finalizing the transitional period, welcoming suggestion of holding the joint committee between the two countries and signing a memo of understanding for political consultation.

He also confirmed working on signing a memo of understanding for the political consultation and working through the diplomatic channels on drafting protocol for cancelling fees of entering visas to holders of the diplomatic passports in the two countries.

He confirmed providing different facilitations to Yemeni students and residents in Sudan.

The Sudanese Minister renewed Sudani position supporting their brothers in the Republic of Yemen and readiness to provide different support to Yemen to overcome current crisis and support to protect unity and stability of Yemen.