The Cabinet reviews developments in the country

The Council of Ministers held its session today, Sunday, in the interim capital Aden presided over by Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik.


The meeting devoted to discuss the latest developments and topical issues in the national arena, mainly in the political, military, security and services fields..


Dr. Maeen urged all ministries to coordinate with the local authorities to manage the challenges which need to be addressed to improve basic services and allay the citizens’ suffering.


He also stressed that it is very important to go on the comprehensive reforms program including reforming public finance and enhancing revenues in order to help improve living conditions of the people.


The Prime Minister touched on the international and regional good offices aiming to achieve the urgently needed political settlement Yemen amid the Terrorist Houthi militias’ intransigence and arrogance.


The Council of Ministers discussed the new measures taken recently by the government of the brotherly Arab Republic of Egypt to regulate the entry and residence of the expatriates including the Yemenis.


The Cabinet confirmed that communication is underway at all levels with the brothers in Egypt to explore some facilitations and easing some procedures.


The Cabinet reread the spending plan for the State’s general budget for the first half of the current year (January-June 2023).


The plan submitted by the Ministry of Finance included a analysis of the current financial situation and expectations for the upcoming period.