Foreign minister meets US ambassador

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, met today with the US Ambassador to our country, Steven Fagin, to discuss ways to strengthen bilateral relations between the two friendly countries, and to review developments in the situation and efforts made to establish peace in Yemen.


Bin Mubarak praised the efforts of the American authorities in supporting and protecting Yemeni antiquities and cultural property, which recently culminated in our country recovering a number of important artifacts, which represent an important cultural heritage for the Yemeni people..stressing the Yemeni government’s interest in strengthening various aspects of cooperation with the United States in all cultural, economic and security fields and in line with the strong and distinguished relations between the two friendly countries.


Bin Mubarak touched on the efforts of the Presidential Leadership Council and the Yemeni government in supporting the endeavors to establish peace.. praising the efforts of the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to achieve peace in Yemen.. stressing the government’s welcome to all initiatives aimed at ending the war and to ensure alleviating the suffering of the people and the realization of their aspirations to establish a comprehensive and just peace in accordance with the agreed terms of reference, especially international resolution 2216.


For his part, the US ambassador renewed his country’s position in support of the efforts made by the UN envoy to achieve peace in Yemen, stressing his country’s firm position in supporting the Presidential Leadership Council, and the security, unity and stability of Yemen.