France holds Houthi militias responsible for slowing negotiations, worsening humanitarian situation

French Foreign Ministry held the Terrorist Houthi militias responsible for the slowdown negotiations led by the UN to end the war in Yemen, reach a comprehensive and sustainable peace.

Ambassador Patrice Pauli of the French Foreign Ministry said in an audiovisual speech published on the French Ministry website ” The situation is still disturbing for lacking an official truce and for the slowing negotiations because of the Houthi militias’ intransigence, which is exacerbating the situation on the ground, military offensive operation may be resumed in any moment and humanitarian situation has not been improved due to the restrictions imposed by the Houthis upon the humanitarian aids”.

The French official reiterated Paris’s support for the internationally recognized Yemeni government, affirming France’s and the EU’s keenness on maintaining Yemen’s unity and its territorial integrity.

He said” Since the start of the conflict France has not recognized and the EU alike the Armed Houthi Group which has taken control over part of the country and it doesn’t respect human rights, specially women’s and minorities’ rights in its-controlled regions” .

The French official added” France does support the efforts of the UN’s envoy to reach an inclusive and permanent political settlement to the crisis which allows the Yemeni people to restore peace and security”.