Cabinet approves several measures to manage security, economic challenges, improve services



The Council of Ministers has endorsed a number of practical measures to handle the security and economic challenges and improve basic services to alleviate the peoples’ suffering.

The Cabinet devoted its session today, Wednesday, held in the temporary capital Aden presided over by Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik to discuss the topical issues in the political, economic, military, security fields, as well as the ones relating to the basic services.

The Cabinet elaborately discussed action-plans and controlling rules to effectively use the grant provided by the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to bail out the national economy and to support the State’s general budget, the economic, financial and monitory reforms, improve basic services, food security and allay the populations’ suffering.

The Council of Ministers expressed deep thanks and gratitude of the Yemeni political leadership, government and people to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its wise leadership for their standing with Yemen and its people at different circumstances.

The Minister of Defense who is the Chair of the High Security Committee provided a report about the military and security situations and the ongoing efforts to coordinate the armed forces’ and security services’ actions to fight the terrorism and hunt down the terrorist operatives and control smuggling businesses.

The Ministers in charge of basic services also reported about their ministries’ efforts to handle the problems and improve the services, first and foremost the electricity.

The Council of Ministers has ratified the Pact of the Green Middle East Initiative and authorized the Minister of Legal Affairs to coordinate with the Minister of Water and Environment to get the necessary legal procedures accomplished to enact a republican decree about endorsing the pact.