Maj. Gen. Al-Zubaidi stresses importance of intensifying efforts to improve the deteriorating service situation

Aden – Saba

Member of the Presidential Leadership Council, Major General Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, stressed the need for the government to devote its efforts and energies to improving the state of services in the country, especially the electricity service.

Major General Al-Zubaidi indicated, during his meeting today with the Prime Minister, Dr. Maeen Abdul-Malik, that the electricity situation in the interim capital, Aden, and other governorates, has reached an extent that it is no longer acceptable to continue as it is, and this crisis must be ended immediately, because of its negative repercussions on all aspects of citizens’ lives.

He stressed the need for each ministry to assume its responsibilities and carry out its tasks entrusted to serve the citizen, through the actual presence on the ground, and in its workplaces in Aden with its entire staff, noting in the context that the survival of any minister or official abroad is no longer acceptable.

The meeting discussed the economic conditions, the mechanisms used to achieve the conditions set to benefit from the grant provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the implementation of the program of financial, institutional and structural reforms in the strength of the government, and the policies to be followed to rationalize spending.