PM Presides over meeting for Supreme Committee of Combating Smuggling


Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik presided over Tuesday a meeting for the Supreme Committee of Combating Smuggling, discussing topics associated with activating efforts for combating different forms of smuggling and limiting dangers of this phenomenon.

The committee evaluated taken measures and mechanisms of boosting integrative work to limit smuggling and accomplishments by security and defense apparatus in combating different forms of smugglings; including weapons and drugs.

Prime Minister directed forming follow up committees to coordinate and follow up efforts of combating smuggling, confirming responsibility of all concerned bodies and understanding their efforts in banning security, health and environmental dangers.

He made it clear that the forthcoming period will witness more procedures, which will help enhance the process of combating smuggling.

The committee discussed reports by ministers of defense and interior on exerted efforts to limit smuggling, especially drugs and weapons for their threat on the stability and health of the people.

The committee also heard a review from the Chairman of Custom Authority on the efforts exerted by the authority on monitoring goods’ movement and enhancing efforts of combating smuggling.