Leadership Council Chairman leaves Aden to participate in UN General Assembly meetings

Aden – Saba

President Dr. Rashad Mohammed Al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, left today, Friday, the temporary capital, Aden, for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on his way to New York to participate in the seventy-eighth session of the United Nations General Assembly.


The Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council will deliver Yemen’s speech to the UN summit, touching on developments in the Yemeni situation and opportunities for achieving peace in light of the intransigence of the Houthi militias supported by the Iranian regime towards all peace brokering efforts at this level.


On the sidelines of the international meeting, His Excellency the President will also hold high-level discussions on the humanitarian, service and economic conditions, and what role Yemen counts on the international community to play in supporting the ongoing reforms led by the Presidential Leadership Council and the government in various fields.