Foreign Minister underscores the importance of technology to achieve development in Yemen, world

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Ahmed BinMubarak stated that sciences, technology and innovation are key factors to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Yemen and all over the world, stressing that the investments in these fields can effectively contribute toward achieving progress and prosperity and improving the quality of live for all including the most vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Speaking at the G77+China Summit which concluded its discussions today, Saturday, in the Cuban capital Havana he stated that Yemen is committed to work earnestly and collaboratively with the international partners to achieve noble and necessary objectives of the summit of the G77+ China to achieve better future for the peoples of the developing countries.

Taking about the situation in Yemen BinMubarak noted that the education sector is seriously affected and suffering due to the war triggered by Houthi militias for more than eight years, as a result large segment of children and teenagers in Yemen have dropped out of basic schooling and higher education.

The Foreign Minister highlighted Yemen’s need for assistance by the international partners and international organizations which operate in the domain of technology to provide the education and technology sector in Yemen with the best practices and technologies to help Yemen’s children and youngsters to match their peers around the world.