President al-Alimi confirms the Yemeni stance in support of the Palestinian people

His Excellency President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, reiterated the Yemeni stance in support of the Palestinian people’s right and legitimate struggle for establishing its independence state in accordance with the international resolutions in relevance and Arab Peace Initiative.

In his speech to the Joint Arab-Islamic Extraordinary Summit held in Riyadh today, Saturday, His Excellency said” The recent events which have been shaking the region for weeks have proved that Palestine has been and it will remain the heart and core of Arab and Islamic conscience and it is a pivotal factor of its national security”.

The President has made it clear that Arabs’ and Muslims’ anti-Israeli escalation and aggressive offense in the occupied Palestinian territories have been steady, never changed.

” It is clear that every time Israeli launches aggression against the Palestinian people, it finds the same worldwide stance and resistance, unity and solidarity with the Palestinians, it is now as it was for the first time”, said al-Alimi, adding” Once again it is today facing through this summit the same clear message which confirms the fairness of the Palestinian cause and the categorical support for it and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, President Mahmood Abbas and his government as the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people… promoting collective and multi-party efforts for immediate halt of the Israeli military operations, protection of the besieged civilians and providing them with saving-life aids”.

The Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council has confirmed the principled stance of the Republic of Yemen on the side of the Palestinian people and all the peoples who are seeking for equality and eliminating all forms of racism.

He stressed that “The Israeli occupation authority must realize that the Independent Palestinian state is irreversible destiny for the Palestinian people’s struggle, it also must clearly understand that our collective support for the Palestinian people’s right to establish the independent state is unwavering, and we’re vehemently committed to the Arab-Muslim 3No which declared during this crisis: No for eliminating the Palestinian cause, no for forcefully displacing, nor for threatening our peoples’ interests and region’s security under whatever circumstance”.

The Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council called on the Houthi militias to prove its truly interest in peace.

He said” we do call on the Houthi militias to prove that it is really a peace-seeker, end the cities’ blockade, stop planting landmines, stop targeting the civilians everyday by missiles and drones; deal responsibly with the road map suggested by the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to establish permanent cease-fire and revive the peace process to maintain Yemen’s identity and position within its Arab and Islamic circle, support Arab and Muslim nations’ interests and causes, first and firmest the Palestinian cause, enhance the security of the region and the world”. .