Yemeni gov’t declares absolute rejection of Houthi terror threat to international shipping traffic

The Yemeni government affirmed its absolute rejection of the acts of maritime piracy carried out by the Houthi militias, with the full support of the Iranian regime, in Yemeni territorial waters, which represents a serious threat to maritime navigation and international peace and security.

The government said in its statement, “These terrorist acts launched by the Houthi militias on behalf of the Iranian regime would deepen the humanitarian crisis for the Yemeni people, and double the economic burdens, insurance and sea freight costs on ships heading to Yemeni ports.

“The statement added, “Such terrorist attacks will serve the interest of foreign powers, including turning territorial waters into a theater of conflict, expanding Israeli influence and armed groups in the region.”

The Yemeni government confirmed that these terrorist attacks are a natural result of the international community abandoning its responsibilities to deter these rogue militias, which over the past years have launched dozens of armed robberies and naval bomb attacks against commercial ships of various nationalities, oil installations, national interests, and civilian objects in neighboring countries.

The government called on the countries bordering the Red Sea to take urgent action to confront this Iranian tampering with the security of the region and freedom of international navigation in one of the most important trade lanes in the world.

The government reaffirmed that the best way to show solidarity and support the Palestinian cause is to unite the Arab and Islamic ranks in confronting the arrogance of the occupying Israeli government, and to pressure it to stop its crimes and gross violations of human rights, to provide relief to the besieged Palestinian people, to support their right to self-defense, and to establish Its independent state is fully sovereign.