President al-Alimi warns of delay of facing challenges of climate changes

Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Rashad al-Alimi has warned of increasing dangers of climate changes on developing and less developed countries amid delay of international efforts in addressing disastrous repercussions led by commitments on keeping global warming limited to 1.5 C.

He expressed aspirations of the Republic of Yemen to accomplish real progress in collective efforts to face climate changes and fast-increasing dangers threatening the present and future of Earth.

In Yemen’s speech he delivered in the Climate Summit COP 28 commenced in Dubai Thursday with participation of state leaders and heads of government delegations from 200 countries, President al-Alimi said the objectives discussed by world leaders every year make them before heavy responsibilities and decisive pledges must be honored to protect our planet against climate changes and new increase of global warming.

” We are meeting in Dubai City in the State of Emirates in hope to see real progress in collective efforts to reduce emissions, build adaption ability and enhancing climate programs funding, especially those directed to our less developed countries, which their losses increase yearly,” said President al-Alimi.

Despite the achieved progress, there is still much must be done to limit climate changes, adapting with them or reducing their impacts, as there are delayed efforts to keep global worming limited to 1.5 C and developing and less developed countries are still paying the greatest price for this delay of implementation, he added.

He reviewed the destructive impacts of climate changes in Yemen, which has become an annual appointment for suffering under divergence of fronts the state are facing for honouring its commitments to citizens and defending dignity and freedom against Houthi militia’s agendas and terrorist organizations cooperating with them.

The most recent terrorist attacks by Houthi militia were the organized piracy and armed burglary against trade ships in the regional and international waters, he added.

“Last month, we shared-living difficult days with our relatives in Provinces of Mahra, Hadhramout and Socotra in facing the worst tropical storm in our afflicted country by Houthi militia’s war,” he said.

He pointed out to Hurricane Tej hit these three provinces last October and left huge damages in basic services and swept vast agricultural areas, noting that the government of Yemen faced this disaster alone saying; the government has had not much things to provide to rebuild roads, face impacts on people and help them to adapt with climate changes.

Yemen is facing very difficult security, economic and political challenges over Houthi militia’s continuous war on Yemeni people and rejects all initiatives to stop its to end suffering over the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

President al-Alimi concluded his speech by emphasizing the principle of Unity ” The Unity for the Sake of Implementation” chosen in this summit as a title for it, saying: “that is what we need to honour our national and international commitments.