President al-Alimi participates in G-77 and China Summit’s meetings


Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, along with Member of the Council Aidrus al-Zubaidi participated Saturday in a part of the meetings of Group-77 and China Summitt is being hosted by Dubai on the sidelines of the 28th Round of Climate Change Conference.

Holding the summit comes in line with the new round of Climate Conference, which is being held this year under the motto of ” Unity for the Sake of Implementation” in aim to push international pledges for decisive procedures to limit global worming to 1.5 degree and responsible interaction with needs of the developing and under developed countries.

Group-77 and China is the biggest governmental international organization and has been established on June 15,1964 by 77 countries and protected its title despite expansion to include currently 134 countries.

The group, which includes developed and developing countries represents 80 percent of the world inhabitants, aims at defending economic collective interests of those countries and enhancing negotiation ability in international prime economic issues.