Yemenia launches new airflight (Aden-Socotra-Al-Ghaitha- Aden)

Yemeni Airline Company (Yemeniah) launched Thursday new airflight (Aden- Socotra- Al-Ghaitha-Aden) in the framework of the company’s plans to expand its flights inside and outside the country for the purpose of alleviating suffering of travelers.

Governor of Socotra Ra’afat al-Thiqali received the first flight and passengers who arrived Socotra Island, confirming significance of launching this flight within efforts of returning internal flights and reviving commercial and tourist activities.

For his part, Deputy Director of Yemenia for Commercial Affairs Mohsen Haidarah made it clear that launching this flight comes in the framework of the operational plan of the company in aim to link the provinces together and in contribution in alleviating travel suffering.