Press Release: Government Holds Houthi Militia Responsible for Dragging the Country into a Military Confrontation with misleading claims.

Yemen is following with great concern the military escalation in our country and the southern Red Sea, the most recent of which was the military operation that came as a response to the continued terrorist attacks by the Houthi militias that threatens the security and safety of international navigation.

The Government reaffirms that it alone has the sovereign right to enhance the security and safety of the Red Sea on the Yemeni coast, and that the best way to do this cannot be achieved except by restoring the legitimate state institutions.

The Government holds the Houthi militia responsible for dragging the country into a military confrontation with misleading claims that have no real connection to supporting our brothers and sisters in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Government recalls that some of the policies of the international community towards Yemen contributed to the survival and strengthening of the Houthi militias and encouraged them to commit more hostile actions that today represent a threat to the security and stability of the entire world.

The Government renews its firm and principled position on the just Palestinian cause, demanding an end to the brutal Israeli aggression in the occupied Palestinian territories, speeding up the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people, and warning of the repercussions of the continuation of the aggression and its dangerous repercussions on international peace and security.