President al-Alimi discusses government’s priorities with Ministers Council

Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Rashad al-Alimi presided over Monday a part of a meeting for the Ministers Council in Ma’asheeq Palace here with attendance of the newly appointed Prime Minister Ahmad BinMubarak.

President al-Alimi confirmed commitment of the Presidential Leadership Council on supporting the government and enabling it to perform its responsibilities in accordance with the constitution and the law.

Regaining the state institutions, toppling Houthi terrorist militia coup and building ideal example in the liberated provinces will continue to be in the top list of the presidential and governmental work, he said.

He confirmed commitment of the council and the government on working on unifying national front, protecting the wide national consensus between all political components for the aim of regaining the state institutions and toppling Houthi militia’s coup as an utmost priority.

He pointed out that the Presidential Leadership Council understands challenges and difficulties facing the government, especially with continuous halt of exporting oil over Houthi terrorist militia’s attacks on oil ports and their disastrous humanitarian repercussions on Yemeni people.

But he expressed confidence that the presidency and the government will overcome these challenges with support from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

President al-Alimi confirmed that peace will also continue to be the priority of the Presidential Leadership Council and the government ” as it is the interest of the Yemeni people”. He stressed that the admirable peace is the just and honoring one, which is based on the three nationally, regionally and internationally agreed upon references, led by Security Council Resolution 2216.

He put the Prime Minister and members of the government on the picture of priorities of the forthcoming stage, including different political, economic, service and humanitarian domains.

He pointed out that the government’s duty is to shoulder its responsibilities to enhance confidence of citizens and regional and international community through building the admirable example in the liberated provinces and adopting principles of transparency, accountability and inclusive governance programs.

” In this framework, we are waiting an imminent settlement in establishing the tender committee and activating monitoring apparatus, combating corruption and restructuring relations between the central government and the local authorities,” he added.

He confirmed that the approach for realizing a progress in the program of regaining confidence in state institutions starts by realizing justice, tightening security and securing field activities of ministers.

He urged the government to enhance its efforts in combating smuggling and activating laws and by-laws related to safety of citizens and protecting national economy.

Regarding economy, President al-Alimi stressed that institutions’ competence and enhancing confidence depend on public revenues of the state for honoring its very commitments and this is what makes economic growth in the center of the government programs and its priorities.

” The government shall prepare and approve a state budget in accordance with the constitutional and legal measures,” he said.

He emphasized necessity of adopting ascetic policies to organized expenditure in line with working on developing non-oil revenues and improving access to them in all provinces and improving agricultural and fishery sectors as prime factor of food security.

The Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Rashad al-Alimi directed the government to support the Central Bank of Yemen and its independence in managing cash policies and to use its available tools to control inflation to enhance the price of the national coin and to protect cash stability.

He also directed the government to enhance partnership with the private sector as a leader to development to implement vital projects and alleviate burden on the state in providing work opportunities.

He urged the government to double efforts for honoring its commitments and to make an ideal employment of resources in providing services to citizens and to secure their needs and rights, including improving basic services and continuous handover of salaries to government’s employees, as well as to honor commitments to families of the martyrs and the injured people in establishing an authority to take care of them.

As for the foreign policy, President al-Alimi defined a number of work specifics for the forthcoming period based on mobilizing regional and international support to the Yemeni people’s issue, correcting distorting mistakes and disclose Houthi terrorist militia’s acts and major violations to human rights.

He confirmed significance of keeping the international community unified behind our just issue for active response to designate Houthi militia a terrorist organization.

He directed the government to provide facilitations to all humanitarian, relief and development agencies and to punish those who make obstacles before their work.

He emphasized continuing policy of correcting situations of the diplomatic missions and reducing number of unneeded embassies and consulates and jobs and re-considering policies of foreign delegating and limiting them to scholarships of rare specializations.

He confirmed need to build an impressive information address within plans and policies implemented by all components within the Coalition of Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen in participation with forces and forums opposing the Iranian-backed Imamate agenda.

President al-Alimi ended his speech by a number of additional directives making Aden in the focus of the government’s attention and supporting its position as a transitional capital.

He stressed importance of working from state headquarters and non-travel of the top rank official in any institution only in very necessary cases. He also stated on approving Yemeni Rial in all internal dealings.

He emphasized taking care of awareness and guidance of combating terrorism and extremism, enhancing internal front, training, qualifying and capacity building and granting preference to the cadre working from inside the homeland.

In the meeting, Prime Minister Ahmad BinMubarak welcomed President al-Alimi, confirming commitment of his government in implementing the president’s directives as executive matrix for the government’s future work.

He vowed to work hard in making admirable change in vital sectors, including making a strategy to communications and information’s address based on transparency and clarity.