President al-Alimi calls on (IC) to rest on the Yemeni govt. as close partner to secure international navigation

His Excellency (HE) President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) called on the International Community (IC) to broaden the designation of the Houthi militias as a ” Terrorist Group” and to support the internationally recognized Yemeni government to enforce its control over all the Yemeni territory in order to put an end of the these militias’ threats to the maritime navigation and regional and international security.

Speaking at symposium about Yemen and the situation in the Red Sea, HE said the continuation of the terrorist Houthi militia control over some Yemeni governorates will keep the threats to the region and the world including international shipping lanes.

He added” If we want to eliminate this Houthi piracy, we have to address the grass-root of this menace, that won’t be done but by eliminating the coup, restoring the state’s institutions, and this must be combined with mounting utmost pressure upon the Iranian regime”.

HE urged the IC to bolster the Yemeni government’s capacities and the Red Sea countries so as to be effective partner in managing these challenges, contributing to the stability of the region and the world.

The President noted that the IC has finally come to wake up to see a real disaster after the terrorist Houthi militias had turned to a global problem amid disrupting commercial shipping business to Europe.

President al-Alimi said the IC has continued to be obsessed with a repeated question: in case the war in Gaza ceased, would the Houthis stop the escalation in the Red Sea?

He added” Absolutely, the Red Sea will never cease to be a point of tension vulnerable for explosion upon every political turning point amid the continuation of the militias control over the coastal regions and neighborhoods” .

HE said” The only single way for long-term investment in Yemen is to sustain the Yemeni government, enabling it to build its institutions, drain the sources of funds and weapons to the militias”.

The Chairman of the Leadership Council reiterated the rejection of the terrorist militias’ actions in the Red Sea. He noted that the Yemenis could easily recognize between the moral stance in support of the Palestinian cause and the opportunist behavior that sought to take the advantage of Gaza catastrophe to gain politically and serve political and regional agendas as the terrorist Houthi militias did.

The President called on the IC to support the Yemeni government’s capacities to enforce its sovereignty in the Red Sea, upgrade its practical capabilities to be an effective partner in monitoring, warning and intervening.

He said: As long as the source of these threats is on land, the solutions start from the land, and this is basically a Yemeni issue “.

HE concluded by asserting that the Yemeni government is earnestly seeking to be a partner in supporting the international maritime navigation.