President al-Alim: Houthi militia’s escalation in the Red Sea aims to elude peace

His Excellency (HE) President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership (PCL) restated that the PLC and the Yemeni Government as committed to peace option, describing the Terrorist Houthi militia’s escalation in the Red Sea is intended to escape the peace process, peace requirements and to carry out the Iranian agenda.

In an interview with al-Arabia TV channel (al-Hadath), he said” There are two proposals at present in Arab region. First one, Iran-led scheme aims to spread chaos, terrorism and undermine peace efforts. The second, a strategic proposal promoted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Egypt seeks to establish peace in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestinian and Yemen”.

HE reiterated accusation Iran of pursuing a policy aims to undermine peace efforts in Yemen, threaten international navigation through constantly providing the terrorist Houthi militia with advanced and sophisticated weapons.

The President called on the International Community (IC) to change its manner in dealing with the Houthi militias, stressing that these militias are ” a Terrorist-Security-Military proposal, not a political proposal”.

The Chairman of the PLC demanded support for the Yemeni government to enforce its sovereignty over all Yemeni territory, restore the state’s institutions so that it can exercise its authority to protect the maritime navigation, contribute to establish regional and international security and stability.

The President re-welcomed the Saudi-led efforts, affirming that the PLC will continue to deal constructively with the steps of the road map to establish peace in Yemen, adding ” But the Houthis are constantly eluding the peace process, creating excuses to do so”.

He noted that the ongoing terrorist attacks in the Red Sea and the threats to the international maritime navigation is one of the Houthis’ means to elude the peace process.

He said” We had long verified the Houthis several times, they proved that they never honor any agreement, however, we do consider the peace is a Yemeni interest, it is the best interest of all Yemenis, will put an end of their humanitarian suffering”.