Prime Minister praises Aden University’s role in helping government

Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs Dr. Ahmad Awadh bin Mubarak has praised the role of the University of Aden as an old Scientific Edifice in academic history, its contribution in graduating cadre and leaders and its demanded role in providing visions and thoughts helping the government in development process and overcoming current challenges.

Presiding over a part of the meeting for Aden University Council for February 2024 on Tuesday, bin Mubarak discussed with the council general situations of the university, challenges facing its and its efforts to overcome these challenges. The meeting also discussed the government’s role to help it continue enlightening role and honoring its scientific duties towards its students and society.

Bin Mubarak talked about latest developments on national level in different domains and efforts exerted by the government to overcome challenges.

He shared with the leadership of the University issues of higher education, importance of focusing on education, academic principles and improving universities’ curricula. He confirmed that the universities are not institutions to make students graduated but also banner for knowledge and consultative bodies to governments in providing visions, thoughts and spreading social awareness and making public opinion.

He touched upon heavy burden on the state institutions accumulated for years and are posing big challenge to the state and the government.

He pointed out that the prime obstacle, which must not be neglected, is the opened war with Houthi terrorist militia, which is working hard using different means to mislead the society to control all parts of Yemen and launching economic war on the people.

” Our battle is parallel and without finalizing restoration of state and ending the coup (Houthi coup against the state,) everything has been built will be destroyed,” he said.

He pointed out to demands of citizens in service and living domains and to the government’s responsibility in tackling the citizen’s issues and focusing on their priorities led by keeping exchange prices down.

Prime Minister issued directives to relevant bodies to take imminent procedures to protect the fence of Aden University and removing all new construction works.