Government calls all countries to quickly address Rubymar ship crisis

The Government of Yemen has called on all countries, organizations and agencies concerned with preserving environment to swiftly address the crisis of Rubymar ship, which has been targeted by Houthi terrorist militia.

The ship carries large quantities of ammonia and oil and there is a concern of preventing the leakage of these hazardous materials into the sea.

The government denounced Houthi terrorist for targeting the ship, which carries the flag of Belize, resulting in significance damage and the evacuation of the ship’s crew. The initial information reveals that the ship is heading towards Yemeni Huneish islands in the Red Sea, posing a major environmental disaster.

The government stated in a release that it has formed a crisis cell to make an emergency plan to deal with the situation.

Due to limited capabilities, the government emphasizes importance of urgent support for helping its efforts.