Cargo ship’s crisis cell announces Rubymar sinking

The crisis cell responsible for dealing with the “Rubymar” ship announced the sinking of the ship, which carries the flag of Belize, off the Yemeni coast, following two terrorist attacks by Houthi terrorist militias supported by the Iranian regime.

The crisis cell expressed its regret for the sinking of the ship, which will cause an environmental catastrophe in Yemeni territorial waters and the Red Sea.

It confirmed that the result was expected after the ship was left to its fate for more than 12 days and there was no response to the Yemeni government’s appeals to prevent the catastrophe caused by the terrorist militias.

The crisis cell held the Houthi militias responsible for the environmental disaster and the repercussions of their continued targeting of maritime shipping vessels and international navigation routes on the humanitarian situation in Yemen and the countries of the region, as well as the threat to international peace and security.

The crisis cell also called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities in dealing decisively with terrorist threats and ensuring the safety of international navigation and the supply of essential goods that save the lives of millions of people in the region.
The crisis cell affirmed that it is in a constant session to discuss the next steps and determine the best ways to deal with the repercussions and address the environmental disaster.