President al-Alimi confirms commitment to improve Aden

President of the Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Rashad Mohammed al-Alimi has expressed his pride and great admiration for the national achievements made by the men and women of the city of Aden with support of the brothers in the Arab coalition in liberating Aden from the grip of the Terrorist Houthi militia nine years ago.

In a post on the “X” platform on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the liberation of the city of Aden, President al-Alimi wrote, “Talking about this resilient city is talking about the dream of the early pioneers, and about the national and cultural movement that achieved the revolution, the state, and its civil institutions.”

“Today, we are obliged to reciprocate this love with a deeper love, to work together to make Aden the rightful position it deserves as a nurturing ground for the state project and a temporary capital of the country,” he said