President: Houthi militias, its allies use ‘Gaza Issue’ to serve Iranian interests, agendas

His Excellency (H.E) President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) insisted that Houthi militias and its allies capitalize on ” Gaza Issue” to serve the Iranian interests and agendas at the expense of Arab peoples’ interests, affirming that Yemenis’ struggle against this spoiler scheme in the region will never stop.

In discussions with Egyptian journalists on the Egyptian “TEN TV Channel”, the Chairman of the PLC recalled the Yemeni people’s long history of struggle against the Imamate proposal that culminated with the establishment of the Republican regime after the 26th of September Revolution, which actually had been a turning point in the Yemenis’ life, replaced the despotic theocratic ruling with a republican government and produced drastic changes at all levels.

H.E. considered the 26th September Revolution a truly historic turning point offered the Yemenis a chance to establish the Republican regime, achieve justice, equality, national unity, removed social class disparities, launch an inclusive economic and educational development drive.

H.E. noted that Houthi movement started in Sa’da in 1983 coincided with the creation of Hezboallah in Lebanon, and not in 2005 as some people mistakenly understand .

He said” Ever since there has been an Iranian plan to establish militias that serve the Iranian scheme objectives in the region, it is a chaos proposal under false headline labeled revolution..”.

The President explained Houthis’ political blueprint saying” They have two main principles, first one: “ruling is an exclusively inherited right for al-Albait” people belong to Prophet Mohamed family” accordingly all other rulers in Yemen or elsewhere are power- plunders”.. noting that this principle is the doctrinal element of their political blueprint.

He indicated that the second principle which Iran sponsored is represented by reinstate the imamate notion in Yemen, here is Houthis’ interest met with Iran’s to export the revolution to the region, for expansion and control.

The Chairman of the PLC has asserted that Iran used to take the advantage of Arab fair causes for unfair purposes including destabilizing the security and stability of the Arab region.. noting that the Yemeni cause is one of these causes that Iran is using to achieve its interests at the expense of the Yemeni people and Arab interest as well.

He said” We have information about how Iran does exploit its militias whether in Yemen or in Syria or in Iraq or Lebanon to achieve its interests whether concerning to the sanctions, lifting ban on its assets in the banks or regarding its nuclear program and the future of its influence in the region”.

He added ” I do believe that the Iranian interests today are controlling its militias including Yemen and put Iran’s interests above the peoples’, and this is a big disaster that we have to stand up to together”.

Concerning to the peace efforts, the President has confirmed the commitment of the PLC and the government to the peace option even though the Houthi militias have continued to elude its requirements, categorically refusing to carry out any article of the truce agreement, including open the roads to the besieged city of Taiz and others.

He said” We have continued to call for peace, because we consider peace in the best interest of all Yemenis”. He stressed that “the desirable peace is the peace that is based on restoring the state’s institutions, the comprehensive and fair peace that is based on the agreed on terms of the peace references, partnership and equality, and not the capitulation to the militias”.

H.E. clarified that the International Security Council resolution 2216 is an inclusive road map to get the Yemeni crisis resolved.

The Chairman of the PLC added” We’re sticking to these resolutions, references and the GCC’s Initiative, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and the draft bill of the new constitution upon which there was a consensus, because we want to achieve the equal citizenship for all Yemenis.