Al-Hadrami : Houthi putschists’ faltering about implementing Stockholm’s Agreement doesn’t serve peace process

Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammed Al-Hadrami said “Stockholm’s Agreement about Hodeidah city and seaports based on observing the Yemeni law and legal frameworks of the legitimate authority”.

As he met Monday with Charged’ Affairs of British embassy in Yemen Fiona Walker, Al-Hadrami added ” Houthis rebels’ hesitation about implementing the Agreement doesn’t serve peace process in Yemen, so International Community must take clear stance toward this”.

The Deputy Foreign Minister blamed Houthis putschists for Sana’a airport closure as a result of their rejection to operate national flights through it, they want to capitalize on humanitarian suffering to gain politically.

The British diplomat stated that her country welcomed Stockholm’s Agreement, praising President Hadi’s order to pay Hodeidah governorate’s employees, appreciating legitimate government’s constructive stance and interested in making peace.