Diplomatic missions

Assa’di : Yemeni Government has always been peace-seeker, reacted constructively to sincere calls for establishing peace

NEW YORK-SABA The Yemeni Government reaffirms that is very keen to react positively to every sincere and earnest call to establish sustainable and comprehensive peace in Yemen in accordance with three terms of reference including GCC’s Initiative, Its operational plan, outcomes of National Dialogue and UNSCRs in relevance, namely 2216. …

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Yemeni-Russian relations discussed

MOSCOW-SABA Ambassador of Republic of Yemen to Russian Federation Dr. Ahmed al-Woheishi met Thursday with the Russian Minister of External Trade and International Relations Sergy Khairmin. Bilateral ties and cooperation between the two friendly countries were discussed. Cooperation about precautionary measures against coronavirus was also key point of the conversation.

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Al-Ashbi explores Pakistani cooperation about residence permission for Yemenis

ISLAMABAD-SABA Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to Islamabad Mohammed al-Ashbi met on Friday with Federal Secretary of the Pakistani Interior Ministry Yousef Khokar. Al-Ashbi sought for easing visa procedures and renewing residence permission for the Yemeni students who are enrolled in the Pakistani Universities. The Pakistani official stated that …

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