Aden airport terror attack targeted the hopes & aspirations of Yemeni people, says Foreign Ministry


Yemen’s Foreign Ministry said the terror attack that struck Aden International Airport upon the government’s return home from Riyadh on Wednesday afternoon aimed to target “the hopes and the aspirations of the Yemeni people to realize security and stability.”

In a statement, the ministry said the indicators and evidences are that the Houthi militia “is the one responsible for this terror attack on the airport with three missiles” bearing the hallmarks of previous attacks on state and private institutions.

The ministry pointed out that Aden international Airport is “a civilian airport that all people” of the country use and targeting it is therefore “a flagrant violation of the international humanitarian law and a terrorist crime that necessitates condemnation from all members of the international community.”

The ministry said the attack would only push the government to double down on ending the coup, restoring the state and achieving peace.