President al-Alimi to Grundberg: It is important to open Taiz routes before approaching other files

His Excellency President Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) received today, Monday, the Special Envoy of the UN to Yemen Hans Grundberg.

Mr. Grundberg briefed al-Alimi on the outcomes of his consultations aiming to implement the UN-brokered truce agreement and the prospects to build on the truce to re-establish peace and stability in Yemen.

President al-Alimi stressed that it is very important ramp up pressures upon Iran-backed Houthi militias to fulfill its obligations under the truce agreement. He stated that it is very necessary to pressure the militias to open Taiz main passageways that can make difference in alleviating the suffering of the city population who have been besieged for more than seven year before approaching other files.

The President warned of international leniency with the Houthis systematic blackmail to gain more time, prolong the war and humanitarian suffering. He also warned of organized mobilization by Houthi militia a matter risking any chance renew the truce.

The UN Envoy appreciated the PLC’s and government’s constructive response to his efforts in order to allay the Yemeni peoples’ suffering all over the country.

Mr. Grundberg affirmed that opening Taiz’ routes has continued to be a pressing priority for his efforts aiming to push the consultations and move forward to other files.

On another development, President al-ALimi met yesterday, Sunday, with American Ambassador to Yemen Steven Fagin to discuss the developments about peace efforts in Yemen and Yemeni-American bilateral cooperation about fighting terrorism.