Ambassador of Yemen To Japan discusses Yemen developments with the Japanese Foreign Ministry

Tokyo – Saba
Yemen’s ambassador to Tokyo, Adel Al-Sunaini, discussed with Japanese Assistant Foreign Minister Kansoka Nagaoka and the Yemen file official in the ministry, Sonaro Sasuke, strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries, developments in Yemen and raising levels of support provided by the Japanese government.

Al-Sunaini praised Japan’s support for Yemen at all levels, the latest of which was the $19 million aid package to mitigate the effects of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, which included support for the public services sector, education, health, food, protection of the displaced, children and women, and contribution to the restoration of the Safer tanker.

He touched on the urgent needs to achieve economic and service stability, expressing the Yemeni government’s aspiration to enhance and raise the levels of direct support to the Yemeni government to enable it to normalize the situation and to face challenges to restore economic recovery and enhance food security in Yemen.