MASAM removes 1,028 landmines within week

King Salman Relief and Humanitarian Activities Center’s Masam Project has removed 1,028 landmines during the third week of this December 2022 planted by Houthi terrorist militia in different provinces in Yemen.

In a release to the center on Monday, it made it clear that the removed landmines included 26 anti- persons, 161 anti-tanks, 827 unexploded ordnances and 14 explosive devices.

By adding this number to the list, the total number of the removed landmines during December has reached 3,435 landmines, according to the release, adding that the number of the landmines, which have been removed since the beginning of the project has reached 378,636 landmines planted by Houthi terrorist militia across Yemen to kill more victims of children, women and aged.

The center renewed keenness of Saudi Arabia represented by King Salman Relief and Human Activities Center to clear Yemeni lands from landmines and to contribute to help Yemeni people live better life.